Crossfire: Sierra Squad Screenshots Reveal Launch Day Maps

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is rapidly approaching launch, and Smilegate want you know about it. Following the MR trailer revealed at Summer Game Fest, a brand new selection of Crossfire: Sierra Squad screenshots have been revealed.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is set for release in August, 2023. The game is designed as a single-player and co-operative experience, which is a step aside from the competitive multiplayer the series is known for. But then after the poor reception of CrossfireX, perhaps that’s not a bad thing!

The game will feature a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. 50 squad missions (single-player or two-player co-op), 13 campaign missions (single-player) and Horde Mode (up to four-player co-op) round out a pretty comprehensive looking offering. Furthermore, Crossfire: Sierra Squad will include 39 types of weapons. These include pistols, rifles, grenades and sniper rifles.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad Screenshots

The new Crossfire: Sierra Squad screenshots below showcase a number of the maps that will be available at launch. These include Azkharzia Abandoned Village, Azkharzia Ruined Factory, Bunker, FallSite, Quandat Downtown, Quandat FallSite, Quandat Market, and Shooting Gallery. All of these maps will be included in the game on day one. While there’s no confirmation of DLC for Crossfire: Sierra Squad just yet, if the game proves successful you can bet on new maps being added in the future.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is set to launch in August, 2023. The game has been showcased for PSVR 2 a number of times. However, it is also set for release via SteamVR.

Sadly, Crossfire: Sierra Squad was the only VR game to feature in the Summer Games Fest presentation. That doesn’t mean it’s the only game on the PSVR 2 agenda for the summer, though.

Are you interested in Crossfire: Sierra Squad? Will you be jumping in on day one? Let us know in the comments below!