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Meta Quest+ Subscription Could Be On The Way

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Now that the Quest 3 announcement and Apple Vision Pro rumours have been put to bed it’s time for another. Actually, time for a previous rumour to resurface, in fact. Back in March, one appeared regarding a sort of Game Pass for Quest 2. Suggesting a ‘Quest Pass’ would offer a couple of games a month. Today, another leak has appeared in far more official livery, hinting at a price and that it’s going to be called a Meta Quest+ subscription.

Suspicious Subscription

The new info comes by way of Twitter user @tweeting28 who shared an image suggesting the subscription service is going by the name Meta Quest+. There’s also a price, $7.99 USD, which will supposedly give you access to titles per month.

Adding some context regarding where this information came from the account said: “Found this in the app selection while casting a friend playing VR”.

This leak needs to be taken with a big pinch of salt, of course. Meta has made no mention of a subscription service up to this point.

The company is undoubtedly looking at more monetisation options, as Reality Labs continues to spend more than it makes. So a subscription service would make sense, utilising content already on the store, highlighting little-known gems or encouraging more people onto a particular multiplayer.

If this was the case, Meta Quest+ would be more akin to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. Rather than Xbox Game Pass which offers a library of games to choose from. Furthermore, VR gamers would need to see value in this type of subscription. Those aforementioned services also unlock online multiplayer, something Meta already provides for free. A sudden paywall would put indie multiplayer games at a disadvantage, so XR Source doesn’t see that happening.

Value for money is key, especially when people are tightening purse strings by cancelling other subscription services. IF Meta does plan to take this route, expect more details at Connect in September.

Would you pay for a subscription for your Quest 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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