Vive XR Elite Business Edition Adds to the Hardware Windfall

There’s been so much XR hardware news lately that it almost felt like HTC Vive was left out. Fear not, as the company has just announced the launch of its VIVE XR Elite Business Edition. Taking what made the original headset great and adding a few business-centric additions including a new software package.

Retailing for £1293 GBP (ex. VAT), the Vive XR Elite Business Edition specifications remain the same. What companies do get is a 2-year commercial-use warranty and free access to VIVE Business+. This is HTC’s new solution so that businesses can easily manage a fleet of devices.

VIVE XR Elite pre-orders

VIVE Business+

A web-based application, VIVE Business+ takes away issues such as manual configurations and time-consuming updates.

In brief VIVE Business+ provides:

  • Easy Device Management:
    • Scan a QR code with a headset to quickly enrol the device and set up the essential information and Wi-Fi options.
  • Remote Monitoring for greater control:
    • Monitor battery levels, device performance, and other critical data in real time from anywhere.
  • User Management for Organizational Efficiency:
    • Add users and define permissions for admins, editor, and viewer roles within your organization. Create multiple organizations and maintain control over user access, all from a single, centralized platform.
  • Batch Configuration for Customization:
    • With batch configuration, you can apply customizable settings across groups of headsets over the air. This enables you to efficiently manage large-scale deployments and ensure a consistent experience.

VIVE Business+ also offers a Kiosk Mode to lock users into the specific VR and XR experiences you want. As well as a Visual Odometry (VO) Mode to scale up user rotation and deploy VR experiences.

The announcement certainly comes at an interesting time for the industry. Meta made its Quest 3 announcement at the beginning of the month, followed by the Apple Vision Pro unveiling. There’s also the upcoming Somnium VR1 headset to consider.

With so many devices on the horizon, which are you betting your money on?