EVERSLAUGHT Invasion Launch Finally Arrives

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion seems to have had a turbulent run up to launch. Originally scheduled for release in April 2023, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion for Quest 2 got a last minute delay. A delay to today, that is, as the game is now available via the Meta Quest Store.

Published by the prolific VR studio, Fast Travel Games, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion has been developed by MobX Games. The game is a designed for co-op action, allowing players to team up with a friend. There are three distinct classes to choose from as you attempt to defeat an onslaught of enemies in this dark fantasy title.

Players are fighting to prevent an impending calamity known as the “Great Corruption”. Those three classes take the typical form of Warrior, Rogue, and Vanguard. As expected, each class has a unique toolset to keep the enemy at bay. More than this however, each has a deep progression system allowing players to unlock new weapons, skills and dramatically increase their power levels. There’s also a wealth of new maps and lore to find.

Players must explore the map to gather essential resources and loot to increase chances of survival. In doing so, they’ll quickly learn about EVERSLAUGHT Invasion‘s key USP. The game is designed for high-mobility in VR. Players can run, jump and grapple across the hand crafted environments without restriction.

Everslaught Invasion screenshot

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion Meta Quest Launch

This new title is a spin-off from the popular PC VR game, EVERSLAUGHT. Though still in Early Access, the original game has been met with a welcoming response from the wider VR community.

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion is available to download now via the Meta Quest Store. It supports both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. The game is prices at $24.99 USD/£18.99 GBP.

Are you and a buddy jumping into some VR slaughter this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!