EVERSLAUGHT Invasion Begins its Quest 2 Attack Very Soon!

Last month XR Source reported on developer MobX and publisher Fast Travel Studios’ plans to release EVERSLAUGHT Invasion in April. There was a delay, however, with the action roguelike release pushed back a month. Now they’ve confirmed EVERSLAUGHT Invasion’s Meta Quest 2 release for May.

Originally a PC VR game, EVERSLAUGHT Invasion is coming to Quest 2 with single-player and co-op modes. Players can join forces as Warriors, Rogues, or Vanguards, each with its own unique playstyle and toolset. Designed around intense fights in a dark fantasy world, players have to master the versatile hookshot, not only for exploration but also to gain an advantage in battle. As a roguelike, there will be plenty of progression options allowing players to upgrade character skills and weaponry along the way.

Everslaught Invasion Quest 2

Roguelike Adventure

“We put our hearts and souls into creating EVERSLAUGHT Invasion. Our team is like a gang of old-school gamers who grew up playing fast-paced shooters like Doom, Quake, and UT, and absolutely loved the tactical elements of Gears of War’s horde mode or Black Ops Zombies,” said Gihad Chbib, Founder at MobX Games in a statement.

“We wanted to ensure players would feel this incredible adrenaline rush when they team up for intense, cooperative combat. Fluidity is super important – we’ve got this awesome hookshot and the freedom to run, jump, and dash without limits,” Chbib continued. “And for the tactical side of things, we’ve got this engaging melee combat and a fantastic variety of unique ranged weapons. We can’t wait for everyone to experience this in VR when the game launches!”

EVERSLAUGHT Invasion will launch on 25th May 2023, for $24.99 USD on Meta Quest 2. You can wishlist the game now or pre-order for a 10% discount via the Meta Quest Store.

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