The Best Meta Quest 2 Deals

Launched back in 2020, the Meta Quest 2 (then known as the Oculus Quest 2) is getting a bit long in the tooth. However, despite many challengers, it still remains the best selling VR headset. For those of you who haven’t yet made the jump, we’ve looked high and low to bring you the best Meta Quest 2 deals from around the internet.

The Meta Quest 2 is the successor to the original Oculus Quest. The differences between the two are relatively minor, but do make a difference after extended use. Furthermore, the original Quest 1 is now losing support. As such it would be foolish to suggest purchasing the device from here on out.

Instead, we’re going to concentrate solely on the best Meta Quest 2 deals, as there’s still some life in the device before the inevitable Meta Quest 3 arrives.

Best Meta Quest 2 Deals

The first place to look is, of course, Meta’s own website. At the time of writing, the best Meta Quest 2 deal being offered there is £399.99 for the 128GB version, with a free Elite Strap. The Elite Strap is priced at £59.99 individually, and doesn’t have the best reviews. Plus, this deal is only available for a short time, so may well have expired at the time you’re reading this!

Next up we have near-everyone’s go-to, Amazon. There’s a variety of options available, including $397 for the standalone headset. You can also buy the upgraded 256GB version for $498.50. The above Elite Strap deal is also available, coming in at $499.99 for the 256GB with the Elite Strap.

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

Heading across the globe to Play Asia, we have some higher priced offerings. However, depending on your location the cost of shipping may balance out these deals. Head here for the 128GB and 256GB editions, and to calculate your shipping costs in comparison to the other Meta Quest 2 deals.

Finally, for our UK readers, Curry’s currently have a nice bundle deal. The 128GB headset, with the free Elite Strap. However, this time you also get a discounted carry case. The bundle is available now for £458.

That wraps up the best Meta Quest 2 deals currently available! Let us know if you’re making the jump into VR this year.