Quantaar Brings Smash Bros. to VR

Developer Pumpkin VR recently announced their new Smash Bros. inspired VR brawler game, Quantaar. Currently in development for Meta Quest 2, PICO 4 and SteamVR headsets, Quantaar will launch next month.

Quantaar is a cross-platform PVP game, that replicates the feeling of a VR Smash Bros. game without prejudice. Players will command dimensionally displaced heroes with distinct class-based roles. Fighter, Assassin, Generalist and Shooter are all available, each with unique styles. Beef up your chosen hero’s agility, fire and range by earning Cores as you bash it out across a variety of adrenaline-pumping game modes. Brawler, 2v2 and Soccer are all included on day one, allowing you to earn in-game tokens to purchase new heroes, cosmetic skins and costumes for your avatar.

This is a cyclical system. Master heroes with unique class attributes to win in-game rewards, then get new ones. As stated above, you can enhance each of your heroes with Cores. Quantaar is designed to encourage experimentation, with millions of combinations available.

Quantaar is a VR Smash Bros.

You Got Smash Bros. in My VR

As for the environments, Quantaar once again takes it’s cues from a VR Smash Bros. Multiple arenas with diverse mechanics provide a backdrop, while items that assault contestants mid-battle rain down. However, in addition you’ll find social hubs and a personal space station to relax before the next rumble.

Designed for quick bursts of action, Quantaar will bring VR fans Smash Bros. style havoc to headsets in a few short weeks. The game has been confirmed for launch on 7th June, 2023.

Meta Quest 2, PICO 4 and SteamVR headsets will be able to jump into the action from day one. However, there’s been no mention of a PSVR 2 edition just yet. Quantaar seems a perfect fit for the console audience, so here’s hoping a PlayStation 5 release is on the agenda down the line.

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