The 7 Best PSVR2 Games for Launch

With the PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) launch rapidly approaching, we thought it’s time to offer some recommendations for what you should be playing on day one. Unlike competitors, such as the Meta Quest 2, PSVR2 is all about gaming. As such, there are some big names coming to the system at launch. Read on for our picks of the 7 best PSVR2 games for launch.

As XR Source is a dedicated XR publication, we’re going to assume that readers here have already got their VR legs. We’re not going to be talking about which games are best for your first steps. Instead, we’re going to dive straight into those which promise the most exciting, groundbreaking VR experiences for PSVR2!

7 Best PSVR2 Games for Launch

The PSVR2 is set to launch on 22nd February, 2023. Alongside comes 37 PlayStation VR 2 launch games. While we’d never hope to understand your personal monetary situation, we think it’s pretty safe to assume that relatively few people will be purchasing all 37 titles on launch day! As such, read on for our picks of the 7 best PSVR2 games for launch!

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

Essentially the PSVR2’s lead launch title, Horizon: Call of the Mountain is the next step for the beloved Horizon series. Horizon: Call of the Mountain is the only PSVR2 game to have been included in a PSVR2 bundle thus far. This is likely because it’s been created with the specific intention of showcasing everything that the PSVR2 can do.

Super Mario 64  to the Nintendo 64. Sonic the Hedgehog to the Sega Mega-Drive/Genesis. Halo: Combat Evolved to the Xbox. That is Horizon: Call of the Mountain to the PSVR2. If you’re going for a PSVR2 on day one, Horizon: Call of the Mountain should be top of your list.

Gran Turismo 7 keyart

Gran Turismo 7

The hugely popular Gran Turismo 7 is about to get a glow up. Despite having been released in March 2022, the game is looking fresh on PSVR2. The VR update will be available for Gran Turismo 7 in time for launch, and will be free to all existing and new owners.

Everything that currently exists in Gran Turismo 7 – that’s all cars and tracks – will be playable with PSVR2. Aside from split-screen gameplay that is, unsurprisingly. Given how incredible Gran Turismo 7 looks on a traditional TV, it’s exciting to imagine just how close to reality the PSVR2 version will be.

Resident Evil Village

Another title that has made the jump from traditional TV to VR exclusively with PSVR2, Resident Evil Village follows the path laid out by Resident Evil 7: biohazard. That is, the entire core game will be playable in VR.

Resident Evil Village is certainly a fantastic argument for the incomparable sense of scale that VR can offer. Imagine seeing Castle Dimitrescu for the first time, or meeting with the imposing form of the lady herself. Resident Evil Village may well provide one of the most enduring VR experiences for PSVR2. Well, maybe with the exception of…

No Man’s Sky

We all know the legacy of No Man’s Sky by now. Yes, it was a significant disappointment at launch. But in the years since, the game has grown into a remarkable adventure limited only by your own level of commitment.  No Man’s Sky simulates entire galaxies for you to explore until your heart is content. As this time, you can visit each world in VR.

That’s not to say that the PC and PlayStation 4 VR editions of No Man’s Sky weren’t also great. In fact, that’s what gives us so much faith as to suggest that No Man’s Sky will be one of the best PSVR2 games at launch. The significantly improved screen of the headset will allow for greater immersion and longer play times. Just don’t go getting lost on an alien planet.

Moss: Book II keyart

Moss: Book II

Polyarc has deemed it wise to port both the original Moss and Moss: Book II to the PSVR2. We’re in agreement that this is a good idea, however we’re more excited for Moss: Book II. With the game taking home awards left, right and centre, you definitely should be, too.

Moss: Book II continues the story of Quill. Having rescued her uncle Argus, the adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant is hunting her within the castle where her uncle was held captive. The game will see you partnering-up with Quill as she ventures through the castle and it’s grounds, in an attempt to prevent the end of the world at the hands of the Arcane.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is probably one of the most popular VR rhythm action games. The stylish frenetic combat set within minimalistic locations paints a unique picture. Couple this with a wonderful – and importantly so – soundtrack and you have a VR experience unlike any other.

It’s also worth noting that, while many of the other games on this list will have you moving, none will add depth to your workout in the same way as Pistol Whip. It’s a game that, to be good at, you need to move. You need to keep moving. Powerful and precise squats are the order of the day, so be prepared to push not only your gaming, but also your exercising to the limit! VR workouts are a big deal right now. And yet, Pistol Whip can help you achieve your goals in a very fun way!

Beat Saber keyart

Beat Saber

This one was a reluctant inclusion. We know you’ve probably played Beat Saber to the end of it’s worth already, but there’s no denying it’s still a hugely enjoyable VR experience. And given that everything else on this list is distinctly single-player, Beat Saber is the opportunity to take turns with friends and introduce them to the magic of VR.

On that note, where exactly is our Astro Bot: Rescue Mission follow-up?

What do you think are the best PSVR2 games coming at launch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!