New Pistol Whip Overdrive Season Marks End of PSVR Support

After Ramen VR announced in April that MMORPG Zenith: The Last City would be ending PlayStation VR support, another developer has added their game to that list. Cloudhead Games has revealed that with the new Pistol Whip Overdrive Season future support for PSVR 1 has come to an end.

Tweeting about the new season and its new scene ‘Shred’, the developer responded to a query regarding the lack of a PSVR mention. “All content up to and including Contracts are still available; however, our team has made the tough decision to end future support for PS VR1,” notes the response. “This was one of the big reasons why we ensured Pistol Whip would be free on PS VR2 for anyone who already owned it on PS VR1.”

Pistol Whip Overdrive - Shred

As stated, Pistol Whip is still playable on PSVR up to 2022’s Contract update. And if you are planning on upgrading to a PSVR 2, you can still continue playing the game with ease.

Pistol Whip Overdrive

The new Pistol Whip Overdrive season for Meta Quest2, PSVR 2, PICO 4, and PC VR is a collection of five, free, all-new action-packed Scenes. Each one will be released on the first of the month through September, starting with ‘Shred’ featuring a sky-high adventure theme.

“Start practicing your squats,” states Cloudhead Games, “because you’re going to have to duck and weave more than ever before.”

This follows the launch of Pistol Mix in April, a community modding tool for creators. Only available for the PC VR edition, with Pistol Mix you can remix existing scenes or build entirely new ones from scratch. These can then be uploaded and shared with the world.

Are you still enjoying Pistol Whip on PSVR? Will this decision affect you or have you moved over to PSVR 2? Let us know in the comments below.