The Great Ocean Kickstarter Campaign Off to a Good Start

The Great Ocean is a new VR experience in development at Actrio Studio. The game is expected to launch on Meta Quest 2 and via Steam in 2023. However, that will only be possible if it achieves its Kickstart goal of £13,229 GBP. Thankfully, Actrio Studio has announced that their Kickstarter campaign has nearly reached 50% of its goal already.

In The Great Ocean players can dive into an adventure of the earth’s oceans. You can visit real locations, solving problems and having real life impact for NGOs that collaborated on the game. Explore the fascinating waters in your ROV, visiting areas like the Galapagos, the Arctic or the Deep Sea. Use your upgradeable tools to solve quests as you discover sunken WW2 battleships or strange creatures in the deep.

As you swim with whales, sharks and sea turtles, you are encouraged to take action to save the oceans. Missions in each level are based around exploration and discovery of e.g. real sunken submarines (the russian ‘Kursk’), WW2 battleship wrecks, Deep Sea creatures or Caribbean coral reefs.

As stated above, The Great Ocean has been designed with support from several NGOs. For example, rrreefs is a ETH Zurich Spin-off, founded and run by women who are rethinking, rebuilding, and regenerating coral reefs with an award-winning modular system of 3D-printed rrreef bricks, made with pure clay. The Mare Nostrum non-profit Foundation has a mandate to create practical and lasting solutions for the protection of our oceans. They are focused on Marine Pollution, Overfishing, and Climate Change.

The Great Ocean screenshot

The Great Ocean Kickstarter Campaign

The crowdfunding campaign for The Great Ocean is intended to fund PC VR version. This will allow the developers to add more features and content, such as a ship with a holo-deck and a Metaverse lecture hall. Upgraded and improved tools, new quest types, 50 more species of fish, and many other enhancements and improvements are also promised.

At time of writing, £5,506 of the £13,229 funding goal has been pledged. Or, €6243.80 EUR of the €15,000, in the campaign’s original currency.

Are you interested in supporting the development of The Great Ocean? Have you already made a pledge? Let us know in the comments below!