New Content Awaits as Peaky Blinders VR Roadmap Revealed

Maze Theory released Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom for Meta Quest 2 and PICO back in March. Receiving a generally warm reception in the process. Today, the team has outlined its content plans for the next few months, with the Peaky Blinders VR roadmap full through to the summer.

The roadmap outlines Phase 1 of Maze Theory’s plans for the game, with the first free update arriving today! Players will be able to get some target practice in thanks to some new shooting galleries. They’ll also be able to replay any scene whilst enjoying new QoL improvements like stability and smoothing the animation.

Peaky Blinders VR Roadmap

Peaky Blinders VR Roadmap

In May another shooting gallery will be added alongside new combat challenges. Even more exciting is the addition of a shotgun, bringing some much-needed firepower to the experience.

Moving into June and there will be four more combat missions, weapon challenges and some item skins for that personal touch. July will continue to introduce similar content as well as teasing a ‘fan-favourite environment’. What’ll catch most eyes is the final inclusion, with the developer hinting at a ‘new way to play’, whatever that might be.

At any rate, there’s plenty to look forward to, especially as all the upcoming content will be free.

“It’s been amazing to see the reactions, feedback, and game clips our players have shared with us since launch day! We are eager and excited to see our Peaky Crew delve into all the new content,” said Tim Jones, Game Director at Maze Theory in a statement. “We are continuously monitoring player feedback, and off the back of this, we have an abundance of ‘peak’ content planned for the months ahead focused on extending the gameplay experience, adding new features, and increasing replayability – this is just the beginning, we’ll have details of what’s to come in Phase 2 later this year.”

XR Source’s Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom review found the game stayed true to the source material but did lack gameplay elements. Hopefully, these additions will rectify that.

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