No More Rainbows Leaps from AppLab to Meta Quest Store

No More Rainbows is about to do what so very few have managed; make the jump from AppLab to the Meta Quest Store. No More Rainbows is a platform game with a twist – this time around, you’re the bad guy.

In No More Rainbows you play as The Beast, the Warden of the Underworld. You’ve been awoken from your eternal slumber by the sound of joy and cheer. Cute critters have invaded your lands, and now it’s your mission to reclaim your home.

Playing from a first-person perspective, you will use arm-based locomotion mechanics to run, jump, claw, and climb. You must hunt down the handsome happy homewreckers. No More Rainbows includes four different worlds comprised of 28 levels for the single-player campaign. The game also offers a 3v3 multiplayer mode. Here, teams compete across 12 different arenas to defeat as many of the Bizou characters as possible.

“We’ve always chatted about how cool it would be to have a game like Super Meat Boy meets Super Mario Bros. in VR. We looked around and saw nobody was making that kind of game, so we decided to do it,” says Éric Laurent, Marketing and Community Manager at Squido. “It’s been really great to see how much people love the demo of No More Rainbows, and we can’t wait to show off all the cool stuff we added to the full game!”

No More Rainbows keyart

No More AppLab

For the uninitiated, AppLab is Meta’s path to consumers for Meta Quest games and apps which could not secure release on the main Meta Quest Store. However, games on AppLab are not publicised by Meta in anyway. Nor do they receive store placement, or appear in search results (unless you search for the exact game name). Furthermore, before you can even preview the game, a warning appears onscreen suggesting that it ‘hasn’t been tested’, which undoubtedly deters more casual Meta Quest owners from playing AppLab games.

Making the jump from AppLab to the Meta Quest Store is the holy grail for many indie devs. However, doing so can prove exceedingly difficult. Of the hundreds of titles released via AppLab, only a handful have ever managed to do so.

No More Rainbows is the latest title to achieve such a feat. No official release date has yet been confirmed. However, Squido has stated that the existing AppLab version will be removed on 2nd May, 2023. The Meta Quest Store and Steam launch will follow shortly thereafter.

For those who try No More Rainbows via AppLab ahead of it’s official launch, and exclusive cosmetic will be gifted at launch of the Meta Quest Store version. Does this tempt you to download? Let us know in the comments below!