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Here’s All the Xbox Game Pass VR Games

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Are you an avid VR player that also subscribes to Xbox Game Pass? You surely know that there’s a number of titles available to you as part of your subscription with VR support. But do you know which games? Well, XR Source has endeavoured to provide you with a full list of Xbox Game Pass VR games, ready for your own personal immersion.

Before diving in, we should note that the below applies only to PC. Xbox consoles do not, at the time of writing, support VR in any way. As such, the below only applies to Game Pass for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass VR Games

Below you’ll find all of the natively supported Xbox Game Pass VR Games. This means that the developers themselves have built VR support into the games as standard. One exception to note is that of Hitman Trilogy. Only Hitman 3 will work with VR natively.

Game Pass Games with Native VR Support:

Not a bad little line-up. However, there are also one game on Xbox Game Pass which does support VR, but not through the version available via the service. Instead, you’ll need to explore additional digital stores. Obviously, the most likely alternative is Steam. However, other digital marketplaces do exist!

Game Pass Games with Native VR support that is not on Game Pass

Now we’re getting a little more complicated. The below titles support VR, but only via mods. These are additional applications developed by either professionals or hobbyists. Each vary in their quality and operational complexity, so are only recommended for gamers with prior knowledge of mod installation!

Game Pass Games that Support VR via Mods:

There we go! Everything currently available to play in VR with your Xbox Game Pass subscription. Not a bad list, huh?

Have you enjoyed any of these titles in VR? Are there any you weren’t aware of? Let us know in the comments below!

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