Project: Nightlight Update Addresses Player Feedback

Developer Fringe Realities has announced a huge update to Project: Nightlight. The changes address feedback from players, and tweak a number of things in the VR-exclusive game. The game is available via SteamVR, playable on all compatible headsets including HTC Vive, Valve Index, Meta Quest 2.

Project: Nightlight is an atmospheric VR horror game. The player takes on the role of a security guard, and it is your job to protect a facility. Of course, there has been a breach. Something has been tampered with. At the mercy of the radio’s instruction, you are urged deeper into the building to ensure the safety of ‘The Artifact’.

As you investigate, you’ll learn the secrets of said artifact have remained secret for a reason. Someone is hiding something, and as the night progresses you’ll uncover the dark truths locked behind closed doors.

Project: Nightlight screenshot

Project: Nightlight Update

According to Fringe Realities, the team has paid close attention to the feedback provided by players and content creators. The South Australian-based developer has released an update to address most of the major issues highlighted.

The update addresses the following concerns:

  • Replacing of all doors with new sliding doors for better interactivity
  • Numerous tweaks to colliders to help with items (and the player) falling through the world
  • Revision of voice clips to assist players with progression
  • Tweaks to save system and information being saved
  • Tweaks to AI to increase threat to players
  • Visual tweaks to fix lighting and items popping in and out of existence
  • Added numerous SFX to help with immersion

The Game is on Sale!

Does this all sound appealing to you? Well, following the release of the update Fringe Realities has put the game on sale. Available now until 4th May, 2023, you can purchase Project: Nightlight for 30% off.  

Project: Nightlight launched on Steam VR 10th March, 2023, priced at for $17.99 USD, $26.50 AUD, £14.99 GBP & €17.49 EUR. The game is currently available for £10.49 (with equivalent discounts in other currencies).

Have you been playing Project: Nightlight? Does this update address your concerns? Let us know in the comments below!