Battle Talent for Quest 2 Brings the Fight this Summer

CyDream has announced the official release date for the upcoming Battle Talent for Quest 2. The game will launch on the Meta Store for Quest 2 and Quest Pro this summer, and will also be available via Steam.

Imagine a world where combat is no longer just a game, but a trust test of one’s self. Battle Talent for Quest 2 invites players to get lost in a fantasy world with dozens of mazes where you can interact with nearly everything. Find collectibles by breaking various objects scattered across the map, discover new weapons through hidden treasure boxes, and upgrade your weapons and skills with available pedestals. Be warned however, Battle Talent’s unforgiving mazes are also filled with traps and enemies waiting for those brave enough to enter.  

In addition to your melee arms, there are also various powerful spells to unlock. Players will need to think about how best to defeat enemies and claim victory. Do you head into battle aggressively and swing your weapon with confidence? Or surprise your opponent with an aerial attack by using the game’s parkour features?

Battle Talent screenshot

Battle Talent’s Quest for Technical Advancement

According to CyDream, Battle Talent already has an active modding community. Players will be able to pick and choose from over 1,000 mods to tailor their training with weapons and enemies of their choosing. Mods can be installed through the in-game mod menu on Quest 2, without restarting the game or needing a PC. 

Battle Talent has been designed to emphasis practicing muscle memory. The game’s ‘Advance Physics’ system means that players can expect increasingly challenging battles as each level becomes more difficult. This feature pushes players to practice to improve their skills so they can emerge victorious.

Battle Talent will be available on the Meta Store and Steam on 1st June, 2023. The game will be priced at $19.99 USD. A free demo of Battle Talent was launched back in March.

Are you excited for the full release of Battle Talent? Does the idea of having access to mods for your VR combat experience interest you? Let us know in the comments below!