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Delve Deeper Into the Amazon When Green Hell VR Co-op & DLC Arrives

Green Hell VR - Co-Op

It has been over a year since Incuvo ported the survival game Green Hell onto virtual reality headsets like Meta Quest 2. Dropping players into the Amazonian jungle where they have to learn to craft and hunt, recently the studio has highlighted what’s to come in the near future. Currently, Incuvo is working on a Green Hell VR co-op mode and three DLC instalments.

Green Hell VR Co-op

The multiplayer mode isn’t new news, the studio revealed pre-launch that it was going to introduce it. But very little has been revealed since. However, on its Discord server last week Incuvo has this to say: “We understand that many of our players have been eagerly awaiting the addition of co-op. We want to assure you that we are committed to delivering an immersive multiplayer experience that meets your expectations.

“We know that this is taking a long time, however, we want to ensure that we take the time necessary to thoroughly develop and test the multiplayer mode in order to provide the best possible experience for our players.”

What will please a lot of fans is the news that the multiplayer mode will be 4-player, so you and a few friends can go exploring a digital Amazon together.

Spirits of Amazonia DLC

The upcoming Spirits of Amazonia DLC will come in three parts. “These DLCs will offer new story, gameplay mechanics, and immersive content that we’re confident will excite our community,” the studio states. So it sounds like there are going to be plenty of reasons to hone those jungle skills.

The only details not released were how far along the Green Hell VR co-op and DLC instalments are. There was no indication that any of this might arrive in 2023.

However, what is confirmed for 2023 is the PSVR 2 version of Green Hell VR. On XR Source’s list of the most exciting PSVR2 games arriving this year, Incuvo has a lot of work ahead.

Are you excited about these Green Hell VR developments? Let us know in the comments below.

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