Across the Valley PSVR2 & PC Launched, Confirmed for Additional Formats

Across The Valley is a wholesome farming simulator developed by FusionPlay. Across The Valley PSVR2 is now available via PlayStation 5, and also for PC via SteamVR. Following this debut, FusionPlay has also stated that Across The Valley will arrive on ‘other VR platforms’ later this year. 

Across The Valley invites players to escape on an engaging retreat to an adorable VR farm. It may not relaxing however. The cows need milking, fields need working, and many new additions to the family need feeding. Complete all of these soul-nourishing tasks by hand using a simple interface empowering VR gamers to get their hands dirty without an abundance of on-screen clutter.  

‘Simple’ may be the byword of the game, as XR Source stated in our Across The Valley review: “While there are certainly highlights along the way like the various mini-games, this is far more farming by numbers. You’re never given enough of a chance to make mistakes and experiment.”

Across the Valley PSVR2 screenshot

Across the Valley PSVR2 & PC Launch

“Our devoted team is proud to bring a beloved genre to the most powerful VR hardware,” said Konrad Kunze, CEO of FusionPlay. “Players can amass the farm of their dreams with their own two hands, interacting with their serene surroundings as tenderly or chaotically as they wish. Nurture crops, manage resources, and headbutt a pumpkin across the field to your heart’s content.”

Across the Valley is now available for PSVR2 and PC VR headsets. The game is priced at $19.99 USD.

Across the Valley PSVR2 screenshot

Coming to ‘Other’ VR Formats

While FusionPlay has stated that Across the Valley will come to ‘other’ VR formats, they haven’t yet stated which. The clue however, could be in the above quote.

Kunze states that Across the Valley is available for ‘the most powerful VR hardware’. It’s commonly known that when building for high end devices, developers have to scale back considerably for the likes of the Meta Quest 2. Given that said headset is by far the biggest selling currently available, it’s highly likely that FusionPlay are working hard on a mobile port of the game.

What other VR headsets could Across the Valley be coming to? PICO, maybe? How about the original PlayStation VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!