Gun Jam Release Date Dropped

Jaw Drop Games and Raw Fury have announced the Gun Jam release date for non-VR PC gamers. Following the successful launch of Gun Jam VR on Meta Quest 2, non-VR gamers will be able to get into the action very soon.

Gun Jam is a fast-paced, rhythm-action FPS. You’ve gotta shoot, dash and kick to the beat to win.

Gun Jam VR delivered energetic, over-the-top rhythm action inspired by classic retro shooters and arcade games. Hopes are high that it can maintain this level of immersion on a traditional 2D monitor.

Players must get into the groove of the music with an array of powerful weapons. Railgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and Plasma Rifle. Your options are many. Fight against hordes of challenging enemies and bosses as you try to rack up the highest score possible. You can play as a variety of characters, each with their own unique attributes and an ‘Overdrive’ ability.

Gun Jam VR screenshot

Gun Jam Gives You the Decks

As you master the game’s signature beat-matching mechanics in action-packed firefights, you’ll be privy to an original soundtrack featuring EDM, heavy metal, and trap music. And now you can import your favourite tracks to create your own custom gameplay experience.

There’s currently no details on how this system works. However, numerous other PC titles offer a similar system, so we can expect it to be a relatively straightforward process.

The game offers ‘four diverse maps that sync to the music’, according to Jaw Drop Games. Exactly how they’ll sync up with your own music is also not known.

Gun Jam Release Date

Jaw Drop Games has announced that Gun Jam will launch on 19th April, 2023, on PC via Steam. GUN JAM VR is already available on Meta Quest 2. Have you been playing in VR? How do you feel about the release of a non-VR edition? Let us know in the comments below!