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Eye of the Temple Roomscale Adventure Coming to Quest 2

Eye of the Temple keyart

Roomscale gaming is one of VR’s biggest plus points. The ability to place a player in a virtual environment that they can actually walk around in. A great example of this is Eye of the Temple. A PC VR title created by indie developer Rune Skovbo Johansen, he’s teamed up with Salmi Games to bring it to Meta Quest 2.

If you love Indiana Jones movies then Eye of the Temple has all the hallmarks of these adventures. A very dangerous temple, booby traps, nasty critters, and a whip. How many VR games have a whip? Not many. The idea is to make your way through the temple, stepping on moving platforms, avoiding death by lava and solving puzzles along the way.

Eye of the Temple Movement

The main hook is physical movement. There’s no teleportation or stick movement here. You need to use your feet. Hence why you need a minimum play area of 2m x 2m to navigate the game. It cleverly ensures you won’t step into a wall, manoeuvring you around the space without you even noticing.

“I’ve worked extensively with Salmi Games to bring my vision of Eye of the Temple to life on the Quest 2,” says Rune Skovbo Johansen in a statement. “A lot of the game’s visuals, such as the lighting and water effects, had to be reimplemented from scratch in order to retain the same aesthetic on the lower-powered hardware.

“We also had to create our own manual occlusion system to supplement the engine’s built-in solution in order to support the game’s expansive world. We’re proud of the result and can’t wait for players to experience the game on its new platform,” Johansen adds.

Eye of the Temple doesn’t have a specific date or launch window at present, simply “coming soon”. Nevertheless, it’s another uniquely VR title coming to Quest 2’s ever-growing roster of games.

Do you like the look of Eye of the Temple? IS this now on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below. While you wait you can always learn how to sideload on Quest 2 with SideQuest.

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