‘The Metaverse will be a Force for Good’ – PwC Report

PricewaterhouseCoopers, more commonly known as PwC, is an international professional services brand of firms. It is the second-largest professional services network in the world. As such any attention the company pays to immersive technology is widely regarded as valuable. In a new report, the company has stated that they believe the metaverse will be a ‘force for good’.

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“If your organization is like most, and cares more and more about ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives, then the metaverse can be an ally,” reads the report, available to all now. “Metaverse meetings, for example, can replace some in-person ones and slash a major source of carbon emissions: business travel. Digital twins of your operations in the metaverse can find efficiencies. Metaverse store fronts can enable consumers to try out digital replicas of physical products, reducing the need to transport returned items. With digital tokens, the metaverse can help track the provenance of raw materials to reduce environmental abuses in your supply chain.”

The report, officially titled ‘Beyond the hype: what businesses can really expect from the metaverse in 2023’, further discusses the benefits the metaverse can offer including diversity and inclusion. However, it does so cautiously, noting that the potential is there but it will require determination to make it so. A corporation can only benefit from the emerging digital trends if it so chooses to invest in such operations.

Businesses will be the Metaverse Power Users

The heading, as you might expect, sets the scene for a report that is centered around business use cases. The report opens by clarifying, “was about consumers, especially younger ones: activities such as games, virtual experiences or shopping with cryptocurrency and other digital assets. These activities will continue to grow, but we believe that in 2023, business applications will take the lead.”

Do you agree with this statement? Do you foresee a 2023 lead by business, opposed to consumers? Let us know in the comments below!