VR Arcades: A Brief History of The Void

The Void Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

Blink and you may have missed it but there was a tease regarding a return of The Void. If you’re a bit of a VR veteran then you may remember – or even better played at – the location-based entertainment (LBE) venue. Famed for its major IP-linked experiences, the VR arcade rose to prominence then fell just as quickly. With its rebirth on the cards for 2024, we decided to have a look at the history of The Void.

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The Void Begins Teasing its VR Arcade Comeback

The Void image

Just before the pandemic was exciting for the growing VR arcade sector. VR was carving out its niche in the videogame industry and developers were experimenting with new gameplay mechanics and ways of drawing consumers into venues. One of the most successful location-based entertainment (LBE) companies at the time was The Void. Unfortunately, like Icarus, it all came crashing down. Recently, however, The Void has been teasing its VR arcade comeback.

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