The 7 Goriest VR Games

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Quite often, here at XR Source, we like to list the best roguelike games or the best roomscale games. But for many gamers out there, simply looking for ‘the best’ isn’t always the main requirement. VR titles can offer a bevvy of immersive gameplay opportunities, so you might be looking for great bow mechanics, or games that provide precision physics. Or, as we’re covering here, you might just be looking for the goriest VR games.

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The Best XR Games to Celebrate Halloween

Best XR Games Halloween Lies Beneath

So you’ve got your pumpkins carved, a bowl of sweets ready for trick-or-treaters, and the fake cobwebs are up. You’re almost ready for another Halloween celebration but what next? Another classic horror movie fest featuring the greats or a terrifyingly non-spooky party? How about turning things up a notch with some immersive XR gaming, something that’ll send chills down your spine – or at least make you jump? Here are some of the best XR games to celebrate Halloween in.

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