Espire Games Join Forces in the Ultimate Stealth Collection on Quest 2

The award-winning VR stealth action titles, Espire 1: VR Operative and Espire 2 games, are now available to purchase at a discounted rate. The Ultimate Stealth Collection bundle brings together both of Digital Lode’s highly acclaimed Meta Quest 2 titles.

Published by Tripwire Presents, Espire 1: VR Operative sees VR technology militarised. Players will become the ultimate super-spy as you pilot an Espire Model 1 from the comfort of your very own cutting-edge “Control Theatre”. The danger has been minimised, but the threats are very real. It’s your job as an Espire Agent to identify threats and eliminate them before they seize control over the IFA Facility.

Espire 2: VR Operative screenshot

In Espire 2, intel from an anonymous whistleblower reveals the terrorist cell OPHIS’ plot for global domination. With the entire world hanging in the balance, it’s up to you and your Espire frame to dismantle OPHIS from the inside.

Both titles are now available in the Ultimate Stealth Collection bundle. Players can now purchase this at a 17% discount from each title individually, for $49.99 USD/£39.99 GBP (-13%) in the Meta Store.

In addition, players who already own one of the titles can complete the set by securing the other at a discounted rate.

The Future of Espire Games

While work on Espire 1: VR Operative has bee completed, Espire 2 continues to deliver significant updates. As such, Digital Lode has outlined their 2023 public roadmap. Most recently, the team added public matchmaking.

Players can also look forward to the release of the Espire Ops update coming soon before the end of Q1 2023. Designed for skilled agents, the Espire Ops update introduces new single player levels with developer-set challenges.

Espire 2 2023 Roadmap

Espire 2 Public Roadmap Highlights Include:

  • Espire Ops: New single-player levels with weekly developer-set challenges.
  • Co-Op Missions: More Co-op missions are in the works. In addition, players can expect a new hardcore difficulty setting for single-player and Co-Op Campaigns.
  • New VR Platforms: Espire 2 is coming to new virtual reality platforms. Digital Lode are in the early stages of development and will have more to announce in 2023.
  • Skins: In response to this top request from players, Digital Lode will also introduce unlockable frame skins & weapon variants.

Out now for the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro platforms, the Espire games combine the tactical precision of modern stealth titles with the immersion of VR. Are you ready to get your stealth on with this new bundle? Let us know in the comments below!