Mecha Party is the Pacific Rim VR Game We all Need

Have you ever dreamed about stepping into a giant mech, Pacific Rim style? Taking on enemies as you laugh manically in the confines of your sturdy suit? Well, Mecha Party aims to allow you to do just that. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Mecha Party has launched for PSVR 2 and PC VR.

According to developer Kingnet Technology, Mecha Party, “combines the mech-based fun of your favourite sci-fi stories with the addictive combat of games like Overwatch, Halo and Destiny 2.”

Well, isn’t that nice?

Mecha Party screenshot

What is Mecha Party?

In the 21st century, robotics technology has made tremendous progress. Robots and AI are increasingly appearing in people’s daily lives.

Toy companies are keenly aware of the huge potential of these technologies in different markets and introduce them into robot model toys. Equipped with the latest VR operating system, they allow users to engage in immersive virtual battles. At the same time, with the help of real players, AI combat models can be trained, with the hope that the business can even be expanded to the military field. The company has established a formal robot battle league: Mecha Party. Here, you compete in miniature landscape scenes.

Suddenly this sport became popular all over the world, and everyone could show off their skills by driving their favorite mecha in this league. In Mecha Party, you take on the role of a mecha enthusiast. You’ll step into a variety of stylish mechs as you fight alone or as part of a three-person team.

How the Game Plays

As a mecha enthusiast, you will drive a variety of mechas in the first-person. From long-range shooting to melee combat, different mechas have different skills. Join in solo or with a team for 3v3 MOBA style gameplay as you battle for the title of the strongest mecha pilot in the league.

For the winners, you’ll unlock a whole host of new additions. New mechs, skins and customisation options are littering the level tree. You can even customise your cockpit for a different experience during matches.

Mecha Party screenshot

Mecha Party Launch Details

Mecha Party actually launched way back in January, 2024, for PC VR. The game is available in Early Access via Steam. A demo version is also available to download for free.

On PSVR 2, the game was released more recently. Sony Interactive Entertainment does not have an Early Access programme of any kind for PlayStation. As such, the game is released as a ‘full’ title, available now for $27.99 USD. There’s also no demo available on PlayStation 5.

Are you keen for some colourful mecha battles in VR? Let us know in the comments below!