Street Fighter VR Hits the Arcades

Bringing big gaming franchises to VR is nothing new. The likes of Far Cry, Medal of Honor and GRID have already tried, with varying results. Even the PSVR2 launch games are being bolstered by one of the PlayStation’s biggest franchises, Horizon: Call of the Mountain. And now, the biggest fighting franchise of all time is making it’s VR debut, as Street Fighter VR is playable in arcades throughout Japan.

Capcom are going big with Street Fighter this year. Not only are we getting a new mobile game, but also Street Fighter 6 is launching this summer. However, neither of these titles can hold the same appeal for VR aficionados as Street Fighter VR!

Street Fighter VR keyart

Bringing the Fight to VR

Little is currently known about exactly how Street Fighter VR plays. However, we have been receiving information from the first installation in Japan. The game is played via a first-person perspective and features franchise stalwarts such as Ryu and Zangief.

A debut trailer (below) gives the impression that the game is presented as a training simulation for a new Shadaloo warrior. An arena is generated around you and holograms of the famous world warriors are provided for you to battle against.

The player has several moves at their disposal, including a ranged punch of sort. Furthermore, the enemy has weaknesses highlighted, giving the player the opportunity to counterstrike for increased damage.

Where Can I Play Street Fighter VR?

Currently, the game is playable at but one location in Japan. However, there are additional venues planned.

  • From Friday, February 17, 2023
    Plasa Capcom Hiroshima store starts location testing
  • From Tuesday, April 4, 2023
    MIRAINO AEON MALL Toyokawa store ‘to be developed’

For our fellow Europeans, it may be quite a trek! Would you be interested in checking out Street Fighter VR? What do you think to the chances of an international rollout for the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!