X8 Beta Test Applications Now Open

Thirdverse, Inc. announced that its upcoming title, X8, is looking for fans of multiplayer tactical first person hero shooters to test their skills in VR. Later this month, Thirdverse will run the X8 closed beta test. Teams of 5v5 will adopt interactive heroic abilities, acquire a variety of weapons and head into battle across competitive maps. Closed beta players will also be mentioned in the game credits and receive a game key.

In X8, a mysterious digital cataclysm has forced a reboot of all contemporary shooters. Heroes from different FPS franchises find themselves crossing paths back to their common ancestor game engine. Players will compete across several maps to restore their source worlds and rebuild their path home.

Masaru Ohnogi, Thirdverse CBO and Executive Producer on X8, said: “Our approach has always been to involve the community and gather valuable feedback in playtests. The upcoming closed beta test for X8 will focus on the user onboarding experience, and will also be a lot of fun as there are multiple maps, weapons and heroes for our playtesters to explore. It’s incredibly important to hear player feedback and we’re really looking forward to what we can learn in the upcoming session.”

X8 screenshot

X8 Beta Test

The X8 beta test will offer one game mode. Players are divided into two teams (up to 5v5) and play up to 16 rounds. Attackers place a detonation device called ‘The Extrapolator’. Defenders attempt to disrupt deployment or defuse the Extrapolator.

Attackers must place the team’s Extrapolator in set locations on the map to enable the detonation process. Once placed, the attackers will need to successfully defend the extrapolation process as the timer counts down to zero. Defenders must prevent deployment of the opposing team’s Extrapolator. They must deactivate the extrapolator within 30 seconds using ‘The Defuser’ or eliminate all attackers to conclude the round. As a rule, each player can only launch one sortie per round. Thus, eliminating another team will also determine winners of the round.

Spaces for the X8 beta test are very limited. You can apply for a chance to win access to the closed beta by leaving a comment in the #beta-apply channel on the X8 Discord.

X8 is expected to launch ‘this winter’. No specific date has yet been announced, but the game is in development for Meta Quest 2, PC VR and PlayStation VR2.

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