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Espionage thriller Heartshot to Hit PCVR Early Access

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There are a lot of multiplayer-focused VR games coming out at the moment. If you’re looking for a more classic, single-player action adventure then the espionage thriller Heartshot might be worth a look. It’s set to arrive on Steam Early Access towards the end of February.

Heartshot is a story-driven game which developer Meadow Studios describes as “chaotic gunplay meets retro-inspired cinematic environments.” You play an unnamed special agent tasked with infiltrating a covert facility deep in the Siberian tundra. The heart of a shadowy organisation, it’s up to you to uncover its sinister agenda using any means possible.

What that actually means for players are cool gadgets – like magnetic gloves – plenty of weapons to play with, and loads of bad guys to fight.

Espionage thriller Heartshot

The most essential tool at your disposal are those Magnet Gloves. These can perform a variety of actions, from remotely grabbing items and guns to manipulating the environment to your advantage. Make an explosive entrance to catch enemies unaware, then rip their guns from their hands to use on them! Remote manipulation is nothing new in VR but Heartshot is taking it a step further.

The early access release will see the game split into three, with Meadow Studios noting: “We plan on releasing the campaign for Heartshot in three chapters. Chapter 2 will be released as a free update, ideally sometime in 2024. The release of Chapter 3 will coincide with the game’s full release. Players who have already purchased Heartshot Early Access will receive the remaining chapters and all additional content for free.”

Heartshot’s first chapter will be released on 29th February 2024, supporting PCVR headsets as well as Meta Quest via Quest Link. That initial episode will offer around two hours of gameplay. Furthermore, a jungle-themed arena mode is also included.

Check out the first trailer for Heartshot here. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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