VIVE Flow Receives Heavy Discount & Bundle Promotion

HTC’s VIVE Flow debuted back in 2021. The device is an interesting lightweight VR viewer designed as an entry-level device. While it can’t compete with the likes of the Meta Quest 2 in terms of technical capabilities, it is extremely lightweight and portable by comparison. And now, HTC has announced a big discount and bundle for the device.

The VIVE Flow traditionally retails for £499 GBP. Now exactly a cheap device, considering the Meta Quest 2 can be snagged for ~£100 less. While you can use a smartphone as an input device, to get the bespoke 3DOF controller you have to make an additional purchase. Or rather, you did until now.

The controller, which is usually an additional £64 GBP purchase, is now included with the device. What’s more, the bundle has received a 20 percent discount, falling from £499 to £399, including the controller.

When buying the bundle at this reduced price, you will also receive a 12 month subscription to VIVEPORT Infinity Vista. This subscription has a price tag of £135 by itself, resulting in yet more savings. See the chart below for details.

VIVE Flow£499
VIVE Flow Controller£64
VIVEPORT Infinity Vista 12 month subscription£135
NEW Vive Flow Bundle Price£499

As you can see, the new bundle amounts to some heavy savings!

VIVE Flow and Controller

VIVE Flow Content

So, if you decide to make the jump and buy the device, what kind of content can you expect to experience? Well, a number of well respected VR titles have been ported to the device. Here’s a list of some of the best titles currently available via Steam (in alphabetical order):

  • Dead Ground: Arena
  • Overload
  • Pavlov VR
  • PolyCube
  • Project CARS 2
  • Redout: Enhanced Edition
  • Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope
  • Trover Saves The Universe
  • Thick Air
  • VAR: Exterminate

There are also a lot of unique experiences that have been designed specifically for the VIVE Flow. One recent example is holoride and their in-car kit.

You can purchase the bundle now, from HTC’s official VIVE website. Let us know in the comments below if you make the jump!