Liteboxer VR Reveals Expansion Plans

Liteboxer has announced its plans for international expansion. Simulating real-life workout classes, Liteboxer VR gamifies high intensity workouts using the unique immersive nature of VR. Now, users across Europe can join the Liteboxer VR programme from the comfort of their own home.

Liteboxer VR is now available in numerous European countries. These include Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, and Austria. This initiative marks the app as one of the first VR fitness apps to expand internationally, providing a one of a kind workout experience to users worldwide.

Since launching in March 2022, the Liteboxer brand has become the go-to fitness app for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It has experienced massive traction, with more than 900K downloads thus far.

Liteboxer VR screenshot

The Liteboxer VR Experience

Liteboxer VR offers ‘Total Body’ classes which incorporate interactive battle ropes, speed bags, and more. Mitt Drill classes mimic mitt training. Punch Tracks allow users to choreograph punches to the beat of popular music in sync with the lights.

All of these activities and games can be played using Passthrough Mode on the Meta Quest 2. You can blend both your physical and virtual environments, personalising the workout even further and enabling you to see the personal trainer present within the context of your own space.

The application also offers a library of over 150 top-charting songs. Music is incorporated into each workout in a unique, interactive way.

“[Liteboxer] are excited to introduce our innovative VR fitness experience to users in Europe,” said Jeff Morin, CEO of Liteboxer. “We believe that our virtual trainers will revolutionize the way people workout, making it feel like they have a personal trainer in their own home. We are dedicated to expanding our reach and bringing this unique fitness experience to users across Europe.”

Liteboxer VR can be downloaded from the Meta Quest Store for free. Be sure to check out our guide to Meta Quest 2’s best free VR games!