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Genotype Quest 3 Visual Update Arrives

Genotype keyart

Bolverk Games’ Genotype launched last month, compatible with the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets. At the time, XR Source hypothesized that Genotype would also see compatibility with the Meta Quest 3. This turned out to be factual, but moreover the studio has now launched a patch to improve the quality of the game’s visuals on Meta’s latest headset.

In Genotype, players take on the role of an intern at an Antarctic weather station. Everything seems perfectly normal, but during a routine expedition, you falls through the ice. Below you discover the mysterious Snowdrop Initiative laboratories. Things are decidedly eerie, but the facility’s last human survivor, William, will act as a guide. Can you trust William? You’ll have to dive deeper into the facility to discover what secrets it hides.

Genotype Meta Quest 3 Update

As stated above, the VR FPS adventure has received its first update. Along with updating the visual presentation of the game in the Meta Quest 3, Bolverk Games introduces a set of new features and bug fixes. The patch notes are as follows:

Specifically targeting the Meta Quest 3 edition of Genotype, the visual update addresses the following:

Originally built and optimised for the Meta Quest 2, this patch taps into the potential of Meta Quest 3. Bolverk Games has also revealed that more Meta Quest 3-related patches are underway. In fact, two additional patches are already in the works.

Have you been playing Genotype on Meta Quest 3? Do you feel this visual update pushes the headset harder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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