IRONSTRIKE Brings Co-Op Fantasy Roguelike to VR

IRONSTRIKE is a new co-op fantasy roguelike, coming to VR headsets soon. Created by E McNeill, the developer behind classics such as Darknet, Ironlights and Tactera, the game is designed with immersive weapon handling as the key focal point.

In IRONSTRIKE, players will assemble a party of up to four heroes in co-op multiplayer sessions, or head out alone. They will choose one of three character classes, fighting waves of challenging foes. Block strikes and deliver crushing ripostes as a fighter, pick off incoming enemies with an arsenal of ranged weapons as a ranger, or master magical spells to buff teammates and destroy opponents as the arcane mage. It sounds pretty basic, but there’s much more going on under the hood.

IRONSTRIKE’s build customisation harmonises with its momentum-based combat. As players overcome encounters, they will level up and unlock more than 40 different skills. For example, Storm Arrows is a powerful ranged attack that triggers lightning strikes after hitting enemies with an arrow.

Ironstrike screenshot

IRONSTRIKE – It’s All About the Weaponry

As stated above, the weapon handling is a key feature of IRONSTRIKE. Players will feel the different speeds and angles of every attack thanks to a combat system simulating the varying weight and momentum of each weapon. But it’s not just swords and bows. Players can take on the role of an aspiring spellcaster, slowing learning and progressing to master mage by learning a gesture-based magic system. Memorise each incantation to quickly sling more than 20 different sorceries.

Players can synergise with co-op teammates on a roguelike adventure inspired by classic role-playing experiences. Battle through spacious environments including wind-swept canyons, a mirage-laden oasis, and the ethereal Centinel Woods. Each environment is home to encounters with more than 50 enemy types designed to test a party’s mettle, culminating in a final showdown before progressing further in the run.  

IRONSTRIKE is all about capturing the power fantasy of classic role-playing experiences,” said E McNeill, lead developer. “We’re thrilled to welcome adventurers into the world of IRONSTRIKE when it comes to Meta Quest 3 on Thursday, November 16!”

And there you have it: IRONSTRIKE will launch on Meta Quest 3 on Thursday, 16th November, 2023. E McNeill has also stated that the game features ‘Meta Quest 2 support’, though were not certain what that phrasing refers to, exactly.

The game will be priced at $19.99 USD with English language support. Are you ready for some co-op weapon play? Let us know in the comments below!

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