WarioWare Comes to VR in Grokit

Nintendo’s WarioWare is a hugely popular series. More than 10 titles have released since it’s debut in 2013, each performing admirably at retail. It’s no surprise then, that many developers are aiming to replicate the appeal in VR. Following on from Silver Dice Games Inc.’s Random Acts of Madness earlier this month, we now have 3lb Games’ Grokit to add to the list of WarioWare inspired VR titles.

Grokit is a strictly hand-tracking only affair. A multiplayer game, players are dropped into bizarre situations where they must evaluate their environment and act in a short amount of time. How does a player know just what to do?  A card shows the hand gestures used for each microgame. Players will be able to quickly ‘grok’ the interactions and be clawing their way out of trouble or chomping their way to success. 

Grokit is built from the ground up to leverage what the VR hardware can do. The game can be played in MR on all Meta Quest headsets, but also in VR using handcrafted environments.

Grokit screenshot

Grokit Gameplay

The game was designed using deterministic multiplayer physics. This which means you are going to hear, feel, and sense the actions of other players as if they are all in your play space. When an imp gets blasted by an ice bolt and comes crashing down on your desk, all players see the same interaction.

Players are encouraged to ‘play their way’. Multiple character customisation options are available for avatars, hats, and watches. As well as a selection of environments and music. 

Grokit is currently available for Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 2 via App Lab. 3lb Games promise that future updates will include additional micro-levels and longer content mini-levels. There’ll also be more customisation options, holiday and other special events. Finally, the team are also promising mobile asymmetrical play.

Are you interested in some multiplayer MR WarioWare shenanigans? Let us know in the comments below!