Gazzlers VR Demo Coming Soon

Banzai Studios has announced that Gazzlers will receive it’s first public demo next week. Currently in development for ‘every major VR platform’, Gazzlers will be playable as part of the Steam Next Fest, beginning 6th February, 2023.

Gazzlers sees players embarking on an epic train ride across the lands of Ginkgo. You’ll have to build your ultimate weapon to shoot, block, and dodge your way through hordes of crazy enemies to reach the Temple of the Machine God.

The roguelite design rewards players with a unique experience each run. A random selection of weapons and upgrades will be presented as you engage in frantic firefights.

Gazzlers features a cartoon-inspired visual design. For gamers who know their stuff, it may recall the GameCube and PlayStation 2 classic, Cel Damage. This multiplayer mayhem racer was recently re-released on modern Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Sadly however, there is no VR entry in the series.

Gazzlers screenshot

Gazzlers Launch Plans

Gazzlers is the first entertainment game made by Banzai Studios. The studio has previously concentrated its efforts on serious games and branded applications. As a VR debut, Gazzlers is undoubtedly a challenging project. The studio, however, seems confident.

“We’re happy to show our community what we’ve been working on and let new people discover our game. This demo will give players a glimpse of things to come! We’re curious to hear players’ thoughts and would love feedback!” Stated an official press release from Banzai Studios.

Banzai Studios plans to release Gazzlers on every major VR platform, starting with Meta Quest 2 and PC VR. No specific dates have yet been announced, however the Gazzlers demo will be available from 6th-13th February, 2023. The demo will be available via Steam.

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