Pneumata Demo Launched, VR Version Announced

Dead Bolt Interactive’s Pneumata is coming to consoles and PC later this year, with more than a touch of influence from the likes of Amnesia, Outlast and Resident Evil. But why should flat screen gamers have all the fun? Along with the announcement of a free demo of the game comes the revelation that a VR version is also in the works.

Pneumata is a psychological horror that makes you question what’s real and what’s not. The line between reality and alternate worlds are blurred. Players must scavenge for weapons and supplies, and learn to run and hide when other survival options run thin. As you examine crime scenes, you will piece together clues in order to solve a series of gruesome murders.

The game is set in a realistic and gritty apartment building, with a number of hidden areas and pathways. This initial Pneumata demo sees you exiting the building briefly.

Pneumata screenshot

Pneumata Demo

In the Pneumata demo, you join the game about 1/3 of the way through, in the sewers, after investigating some apartments in the previous chapter. The goal is to escape the sewers and go back upstairs. Around 20 minutes of gameplay is offered, and you can play with the pistol, glass bottles and rusty pipes. In the final game the player will have access to different types of melee weapons (knife, bat, hammer), different types of guns (pistol, revolver, shotgun, hunting rifle), and Supplements that improve health and stamina. 

VR Edition

Pneumata is being made by a small Indie development team, Deadbolt Interactive. The demo version is intended to give players a taste of the game. However, sadly no VR demo is currently available.

Indeed, while the console and PC editions of the game are scheduled for release in winter 2023, we don’t currently have any expected date for the VR edition of the game.

Are you interested in the VR edition of Pneumata? Let us know in the comments below!