Battle Bows DLC Arrives, PSVR 2 Version in Development

WIMO Games’ Battle Bows fires a volley of fresh content. A free Battle Bows DLC, containing a new team-based event, winter environment, crossbow weapon, legendary difficulty mode, and more, is available today on the Meta Quest store and SteamVR. The developer has also confirmed that Battle Bows will be coming to PSVR 2, with a port currently in development.

The new Battle Bows DLC includes the Bow Showdown recurring event. Here, archers join one of three teams and try to win glory. Each match adds points to the team’s score while enemies gain new strength and defense buffs. The highest overall team score gets bonuses toward unlocking the newly added talents. These permanent talent upgrades can help improve elemental power cooldowns and range, reinforce the castle door, or grant point bonuses for climbing the leaderboard.

An additional environment is also included. The Winter Keep shines with a beautiful borealis that covers a night-time sky, while enemies travel a rugged, frozen tundra. Featuring more than 40 new pathways for enemies to travel as they attack your base, defenders will have their work cut out. Thankfully, they can trade arrows for explosives with the new Demolition Kit. This new weapon offers a crossbow grenade launcher in the main hand and a wrist-launched sticky web on the off-hand for maximum area control.

These new armaments will assist those tackling the Battle Bows DLC’s new Legendary difficulty. With 16 waves of ever more deadly enemies, players will face new foes like the Rocketeer, which sets its sights straight on the heart of the castle. The magic shield-casting Warlock protects its allies, and the Legendary Badaboom Boss, who lobs globs of guck to stun archers, then throws a bomb at the heart.

Battle Bows screenshot

Battle Bows DLC Comes for Free

Originally launched in July 2023, Battle Bows takes place in a fantasy world where four archers play together in online co-op. You must defend the kingdom’s castle from hordes of balloon monsters. The quartet can channel the mystic arts of fire, ice, electricity, and poison(?) to thwart the menace laying siege to their gates.

“This DLC is both a thank you to everyone who supported our debut virtual reality game and a sign of our commitment to continue expanding the world of Battle Bows,” said WIMO Games CEO Dave Rosen. “This update nearly doubles the game content, giving our fans plenty more to enjoy while we work on the much-requested PSVR 2 version and other virtual reality titles in development.”

Battle Bows’ first DLC is out now  for free on the Meta Store for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, and on SteamVR. The base game is priced at $19.99 USD. There’s currently no estimated date for the release of the PSVR 2 version.

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