Inverse Brings Asymmetric Multiplayer to VR

Inverse is a 4v1 co-op survival horror game, is available today on the Meta Quest store. Developed by MassVR,a team of horror and sci-fi enthusiasts, INVERSE offers a spine-chilling and cinematic experience that immerses players in a relentless fight for survival.

In the Inverse world, the Foundation wanted to advance teleportation technology. What they found was a pathway to a dangerous world beyond our own, and they opened the door to the creatures that inhabit it. It’s all very Stargate. But a bit scary,

Inverse is a survival horror game that provides asymmetric gameplay, and the choice to embark on their harrowing journey either as a team of Agents or as a lone monster hunter. Agents survive by powering the control terminals located throughout the facility while evading the Nul’s attacks. Failure could cause destruction on a catastrophic scale.

Inverse brings the essence of survival horror to VR, offering players an unmatched experience of fear, thrill, and strategic gameplay,” said Chris Lai, CEO and co-founder of MassVR. “We wanted to create a game that captures the intense emotions of playing a horror game with friends in real life while still delivering engaging gameplay for both solo and cooperative play styles in VR.”

Inverse screenshot

Inverse Gameplay

Up to four players work together as Agents, pooling their wits and resources to then locate the unlocked weapons terminals and defeat the Nul. Meanwhile, one player assumes the role of the Nul, using their unique abilities to hunt down and eliminate the Agents.

Each round starts with players working together to complete tasks and survive, and once they complete this stage they go on the offensive in Monster Hunt mode. Inverse is unique in that all players play offense and defense in each match. Whether playing as an Agent or the Monster, players must master both offensive and defensive tactics to outwit their opponents and survive. 

A progressive leveling system allows players to unlock new skills and perks as they make their way through the game. With each level gained, players will find themselves better equipped to face the ever-present dangers that await them.

Inverse is available now for $29.99 USD/£22.99 GBP for the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2. Are you interested in bringing your friends into a horror multiplayer experience? Let us know in the comments below!