Supersonic Flight Landing in 2024

Red Chain Games have announced that Supersonic Flight will be landing on Steam and Steam VR in 2024. The game will be available in both non-VR and VR editions, and is designed to push the adrenaline. Fast-paced, death-defying flights await pilots in the new combat flight simulator.

Hop into the cockpit, choose and customise your aircraft. From the F/A-18C Hornet to Air Force One, players will take to the skies with their squadron to defend the San Francisco Bay area. Next year, players will put their piloting skills to the test with story missions in single player. Survive deadly dogfights and scenarios in multiplayer, or immerse themselves in combat missions in optional VR – all to an electrifying Top Gun-inspired soundtrack from artist D4XX.

“I wanted to recreate the feeling that I remember when I first played Bob Dinnerman’s F/A-18 Interceptor on the Amiga, and after decades of experience and the power of modern gaming PCs, I believe I can do it justice and, hopefully, give others the same experience I had,” said Richard Smith, co-founder of Red Chain Games.

Supersonic Flight screenshot

Supersonic Flight Preparing for Take-Off

Red Chain Games is an independent UK developer founded in 2008 by two former Codemasters employees: Dean Baker (designer of Colin McRae Rally 2) and Richard M. Smith (lead programmer of Sniper Elite). After starting a company together, Rich and Dean created CustomPlay Golf. This led to them working in the golf-simulator market for companies such as Foresight Sports. They provided Foresight with their FSX game engine and Zombie Golf.

Supersonic Flight is the next endeavour from Red Chain Games, and will be available on Steam in 2024. There’s no information on which headsets the game will be compatible with at present. However, you can imagine the usual suspects will be present.

Are you interested in Supersonic Flight? Do you think it has a chance of becoming one of the best VR flight simulators? Let us know in the comments below!