Play God in Barbaria on Quest 2

Stalwart Games’ Barbaria is finally making it’s way onto the Meta Quest 2. Debuting on PC VR last year, Barbaria has received very positive reviews, and from next month Meta Quest 2 gamers can also jump into the god-sim action.

Barbaria plays from multiple perspectives. As stated above, god-scale base-building is a crucial element of the game. However, you can also jump into first-person combat when the going gets tough! Use fists, axes, swords, bows, rocks, or anything you can grab to dominate your foes.

And those ‘foes’ may well be other players. Barbaria features asynchronous multiplayer raids. Attack other players’ realms to increase your Mightiness, and receive rewards when you successfully repel others. Notifications of any attacks are presented when you load the game, and you can watch replays of your glories in miniature form from your Stronghold. Use these to strategically place and upgrade more structures, champions, and minions to keep future attackers at bay.

Babaria screenshot

For those who want to go it solo, Stalwart Games also promises versatile enemy AI that make every battle unique. Furthermore, the developer has promised a host of post-launch content, including:

  • New Structures
  • New Fragments
  • New Weapons
  • New Champions
  • New Stronghold Stations
  • More Customization Options
  • Balance Improvements
  • Pantheons (clans) and other social features

Barbaria Meta Quest 2 Launch Date

Barbaria is Stalwart Games’ first release. It’s already available for PC VR via Steam Early Access. The game launched on 2nd June, 2022. The Meta Quest 2 edition is set to arrive on 9th February, 2023. You can wishlist the game on the Meta Store now.

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