Bootstrap Island Demo & Release Date Announced

Tallinn based Maru VR have announced several key dates for their upcoming VR game Bootstrap Island. Not only do we now know that the game will launch in Early Access in 2024, but also a Bootstrap Island demo is coming within weeks.

Bootstrap Island is a Robinson Crusoe-style roguelike survival game set in the 17th century. Players find themselves shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island where they must quickly learn to adapt and stay alive. You must explore to find food, drink, and weapons. Collect materials to make fire and survive visits in the dark nights from ferocious beasts.

Bootstrap Island is being designed with enthusiast VR-players in mind. Development has focused on PC VR headsets like Valve Index and Meta Quest Air Link devices. The game promises a ‘realistic survival adventure in an immersive, yet comfortable VR experience’. This has been pursued through design with minimal menus and ‘natural feeling’ controls. The choices a player makes will be critical to their chances of survival, with every decision perhaps resulting in life or death consequences.

Bootstrap Island screenshot

“We are designing Bootstrap Island specifically for virtual reality, and focusing on creating immersive gameplay with a compelling narrative. Players will really feel like they have found themselves washed up on the shore of a classic storybook adventure”, explained the game’s creative director Rein Zobel.

A few of Bootstrap Island’s features include: a mysterious and active volcano, encounters with tribal natives, realistic and detailed interactions, a dynamic day and night cycle, systems-based gameplay and randomised resources. 

Bootstrap Island Demo

Players interested in previewing Bootstrap Island will be able to try a demo during the upcoming October Steam Next Fest. The game will arrive on Steam Early Access in Q1 of 2024, and the full release is set for 2025.

Has Bootstrap Island grabbed your attention? Are you looking forward to trying out the survival adventure when the Bootstrap Island demo launches in October? Let us know in the comments below!