Realm Protector to Merge Tower Defense with RPG Mechanics

Ultimate VR has announced Realm Protector, a new VR exclusive tower defense game coming soon. Your strategic skills and tactical sense will be put to the test as you attempt to defend your lands and build strength through an RPG-style player progression system.

According to publisher Gaming Factory, Realm Protector combines the ‘best elements of tower defense, action and RPG’. The game will feature a wide variety of weapons and towers. In addition, it also features a dynamic enemy appearance system for exciting clashes.
In the game, there are four types of towers. Each corresponds to different elements: arcane, fire, ice and electricity. To build towers, players must aim them at a specific location on the map and use the resources gained from combat. While competing tower defense games have around 15 individual enemies per level, Realm Protector features over 100 units in its Horde mode. You’ll be able to combat these enemies with a variety of weaponry. In addition to the basic weapons, there are lightning control gloves. At a later stage the player will be able to equip a bow and electric arrows.
In the game you will find different gameplay modes. A hardcore mode will be available at launch, in which enemies have increased resistance, the player has fewer resources and some mechanics are blocked. The game will also benefit from post-launch content, with a Survival mode already announced.

Realm Protector screenshot

Realm Protector Launch Plans

Realm Protector is being developed by Ultimate VR, part of the Gaming Factory group of companies. This studio was established with the aim of ‘bringing games to VR on commission and based on the known IPs of our partners’. We’re not exactly sure which IP Realm Protector is based on, but it proposes an interesting concept nonetheless.

Realm Protector will invite you into a world full of crystals, enemies and magical elements on Meta Quest headsets soon. Are you ready for some VR tower defense action? Let us know in the comments below!