Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures Goes from GameJam to Quest 2 & PC VR Soon

Stardust Collective have revealed Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures is launching on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR soon. Players can explore the galaxy with your stolen alien companion, Ziggy. As you do, you should be prepared to battle the forces coming to reclaim him. All sounds a little Final Space, if you ask us.

In Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures, you have complete control of the ship from your cockpit. Switch on your lights, power your shields, balance temperature and pressure, fix hull breaches and more. Using the switches, levers and other systems at arms reach in your VR cockpit, you can manage all the resources your ship offers.

But it’s not all per functionary. From your cockpit, you will be engaging in space combat. Dodge asteroids and deal damage with laser blasts as you seek to thwart your pursuers. Branching story paths will change the course of your journey based on the your decisions. This will allow you to experience a different tale with each playthrough.

Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures screenshot

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures Story

You take on the role of a bounty hunter who has stolen a small alien creature called Ziggy. The evil galactic empire that you stole them from wants them back. They won’t stop hunting you down until they achieve their goal. To survive, you will have to take on a variety of challenges in each level that require you to utilise your ship’s systems in a variety of ways.

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures began life as a Game Jam entry back in 2020, with our small team realising that it had great potential as a fully developed VR title,” said Alex Clarke, Stardust Collective co-founder. “We’re so happy to reveal that the game is coming to Meta Quest 2 and PC VR soon and we hope you’re looking forward to your adventure with Ziggy!”

Stardust Collective is composed of a team of passionate individuals that have joined forces to create unique and interesting experiences. The team discovered each other during the 2020 GMTK GameJam where they developed the first version of Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures,and are now working to take it to VR space.

No specific release date has yet been announced for Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures, yet it proposes some interesting gameplay prospects. Has it piqued your interest? Let us know in the comments below!