Premortal VR Opens Exploration on Quest 2 & SteamVR

Voigon’s highly anticipated Premortal VR is now available for Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets. The game is designed as an exploration and survival game, set in a procedurally generated world.

In Premortal VR, every new world is uniquely generated for the player. The terrain system makes sure there is complete variety in the generated foliage, structures, animals, and items. The ground itself can be terraformed using a shovel.

The world is filled with usable resources like stone, wood, potatoes, copper and more. Gather valuable resources to craft mighty weapons and armor. Armor can be made using the sewing system. Metal weapons can be forged on the anvil using a smithing mechanic. All of this will lead you to much greater endeavours.

Players can build structures by accessing their handbook and selecting their desired unlocked build. Each build requires building materials that can be gathered from the world. Some builds have additional effects. For example, the bed allows the player to sleep and skip the night.

Premortal VR screenshot

The player has stats – like health and stamina – which can be increased by the various food in the game. Some of the food can be cooked for bonus stats. And you’ll need these boosts, as there are powerful bosses in the game. You can build and smith until your heart is content, but you’ll want to challenge these tyrants. As after every boss is defeated, the premortal has passed their trials and can ascend.

Premortal VR Launch

As stated above, Premortal VR is now available for PC VR and Meta Quest 2 headsets. The game can be purchased via Steam. In addition, a demo version is available to play. If you’re still unsure about the game, why not dip your toe with the free demo? The game is also available via App Lab.

Have you already been playing the demo of Premortal VR? Are you planning on jumping in on day one? Let us know in the comments below!