Hand-Tracking Game Silhouette Launches on Meta Quest 2

Beyond Frames Entertainment has today launched Team Panoptes’ Silhouette. This unique experience is designed entirely around the hand-tracking capabilities of the Meta Quest 2.

In Silhouette, players will manipulate shadows, light, walls, and environments. The goal is to guide the gentle shadow creatures of the island, known as Shadowies, to safety.

Silhouette screenshot

This hand-tracking game is played completely without controllers. According to Beyond Frames Entertainment, Silhouette is the first game to use hand-casted shadows to solve puzzles. The idea of using shadows to solve puzzles in games may bring back memories of Compulsion Games’ Contrast. However, this time the experience will no doubt be more immersive thanks to the use of VR and hand-tracking technology.

“Team Panoptes is an incredible studio with a gift for making great games. There’s nothing like Silhouette on the Meta Quest, and we believe puzzle fans and VR enthusiasts are really going to love it,” stated Ace St Germain, CEO of Beyond Frames, upon announcing the publishing agreement.

Silhouette screenshot

Silhouette Game Features

As stated above, Silhouette is entirely based on hand-tracking gestures. Players will cast shadows by placing their hands between an in-game light and surface. They can also interact with various other shadows on the walls. In doing this, they will have to solve 28 unique puzzles that grow in complexity.

Beyond Frames Entertainment is an XR dedicated publisher. Their catalogue includes popular titles such as Wands and Carly and the Reaperman. Team Panoptes are the creators of indie darling VR title, Panoptic.

The pair will debut Silhouette today, exclusively via the Meta Quest store. The game will be priced at $9.99 USD. The game is compatible with both the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. However, there is no mention of the original Oculus Quest.

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