Guardians Frontline Update Brings New Enemies & Power-Ups

Fast Travel Games and developer VirtualAge Games have today launched the second free content update for Guardians Frontline. Subtly called the ‘New Enemies and Power-Ups Update,’ this new content gives players more ways to control the battlefield and take down foes. Players can also enjoy tech tree upgrades, enhanced map editor tools, and various quality-of-life improvements.

Guardians Frontline debuted on Steam in March 2023. A sci-fi VR shooter where you wield powerful weapons and command robot armies was always going to get some attention. Thankfully, Guardians Frontline has been very well received.

The game features single-player, co-op, and PvP game modes, with a lengthy campaign, an in-game level editor and hundreds of community created maps. Guardians Frontline is billed as ‘a love letter to legendary games such as Starcraft and Halo‘.

Guardians Frontline screenshot

Guardians Frontline New Enemies and Power-Ups Update

The second Guardians Frontline update includes a variety of new enemy and inventory features.

  • NEW ENEMIES: Two more enemies have joined the fight. Engage in battle against the Mushroom, a defensive structure emitting toxic gas that harms players and units. Defeating this formidable enemy requires getting close and targeting the bright point below its head. The Dragonfly, a replacement for the Dragon unit, features enhanced durability and ranged attacks that align with the Bug faction.
  • INVENTORY POWER-UPS: Purchase power-ups in the loadout menu before each battle and use them strategically throughout the fight. These power-ups include Air Strike, Mind Control Barrel, Indestructible Warp Gate, Double Damage, Invisibility, and Units Damage Boost.
  • EDITOR IMPROVEMENTS: Group favourite assets. Simplify trigger identification with numbered tags for occlusion and dimmer volumes. Visualize player spawn points with arrow indicators. Evaluate maps using internal rating numbers, and add dynamic laser traps with customisable activation frequency.
  • TECH TREE UPGRADES: Expand the arsenal with three new technology upgrades obtained through spaceship research. Upgrade the gate to a teleport point with the Warp gate, enabling strategic movement on the battlefield. Amplify the Med Gun’s effectiveness with increased damage, allowing it to inflict double the harm on enemies. Unleash the power of the Red Sword, capable of effortlessly cleaving through multiple enemies with a single devastating strike.
  • MORE AVATARS: Earn exclusive rewards for galaxy conquest with the addition of three new avatars. 

Guardians Frontline is available now via the Meta Quest Store and Steam. Have you been playing the game? Let us know in the comments below!