Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR Launches on PSVR2, PC VR, Meta Quest and Pico

Virtuallyz Gaming today launches Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR. Arriving ahead of the non-VR edition of the game, Microids has published the title for PSVR 2, PC VR via Steam, Meta Quest headsets and Pico 4.

Operation Wolf, TAITO’s cult classic arcade game from 1987, was one of the very first games to offer side-scrolling on-rails shooting action. This new vision for the series promises to remain faithful to the spirit of the original game, while premiering a new artistic direction. And of course, VR for the first time.

In its solo VR campaign, play as a special agent. You’ll be fighting a new criminal organisation led by the mysterious General Viper. In addition to arms and drug trafficking, the organisation has developed a powerful new weapon. After discovering several of its bases, you will be sent to dismantle the organisation. Destroy the weapon and free the hostages held captive in surrounding camps.

The campaign features six levels. In addition, there’s the Survival Mode. This throws endless waves of enemies at the player as they try to stay alive. Sadly, the VR edition does not offer the co-operative mode set to feature in the non-VR edition.

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission screenshot

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR Launch

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is now available on Steam VR, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR 2, Pico 4. The game will also be released on GOG and Epic Game Store in the near future.

The non-VR version will be available in autumn 2023 in a digital version, as well as a physical ‘Rescue Edition’ on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The game will be available exclusively in digital form on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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