Solo Dev Reveals VR Platformer VRosty

Solo developer Tomy Horst has announced a new VR title, VRosty. Having achieved some notoriety with 2019’s hoVRboard, Horst is planning to follow-up with VRosty later this year. The game is already listed on Steam.

One day VRosty, the little snowman, wakes up from a long dream, because it is too hot. Sounds pretty Olaf from Frozen to us. He needs your help to find the reason for the warming. You must guide him on his long journey and keep him cool.

VRosty hangs like a puppet under your hand. Players will move around the world at will, and pull along the titular character as they do so. A swift upwards movement with motion controllers will make him jump, and you can throw snowballs with a pull of the trigger. It’s a simple system that could lead to numerous interesting puzzle-platform challenges.

The game will feature 30 levels upon launch. Throughout each, the player will face navigation and combat challenges, all whilst needing to keep VRosty cool.

VRosty screenshot

VRosty Launch Plans

The game will launch later in 2023. No specific release date has yet been announced. However, it has been confirmed that the game will be a VR exclusive release. Launching via Steam, we can assume compatibility with all major SteamVR supported headsets. This of course, includes the popular Meta Quest 2 via Air Link. Furthermore, a native Meta Quest 2 edition has also been confirmed as in development.

Hurst’s debut VR release, the aforementioned hoVRboard, is currently on sale. Typically priced at £9.29 GBP, the game has a 60% discount, bringing the price to just £3.71. With a ‘positive’ rating on Steam, perhaps it’s time to check it out?

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve played hoVRboard, or if you’re excited to see Hurst back with a new VR exclusive!