Darksword: Battle Eternity Fights onto Meta Quest

VR developer Com2uS ROCA has launched Darksword: Battle Eternity. A VR action-RPG with story-driven single-player and multiplayer co-op modes, Darksword: Battle Eternity is now available on the Meta Quest Store.

Players strap on the armor of Blackwolf, a fallen general seeking to free the world from the deadly curse of the Darksword. As you do, you’ll hack-and-slash through this fast-paced dark fantasy adventure, developing your own fighting style. You must exploit enemy weaknesses as you collect materials to craft powerful weapons.

Players can grab and hurl objects. Freely use swords, shields, and bows with realistic articulation. And engage in various actions ‘similar’ to real-life battles. RPG systems, like weapon crafting from monster loot and skill progression, deepen the adventure. Venture deep into the Twisted Corridors to fend off relentless waves of monsters. Triumph over epic boss level encounters in a rogue-lite fashion.

Players can pursue glory at the top of global leaderboards, make your mark on history by collecting Achievements, and test your mettle against a unique multiplayer gauntlet where two players face immense odds.

Darksword: Battle Eternity screenshot

Darksword: Battle Eternity on Meta Quest

Darksword: Battle Eternity is the debut title from Com2uS ROCA, a subsidiary of global developer and publisher Com2uS (Summoners WarOut of the Park BaseballMLB 9 Innings).

“I am confident that Darksword: Battle Eternity will be able to stand out on the global market as soon as it enters the Meta Store, which has the largest VR device market share,” stated Hyun-seung Shin, CEO of Com2uS ROCA. “We will continue to add content after launch and will position as a globally representative VR action role-playing game.”

The game has been built with a customised version of Unreal Engine. According to the developers, the game provides one of the ‘best technological and gameplay showcases in VR gaming to date’. The game is designed to appeal to both seasoned VR gamers and newcomers. The developers claim they do so by minimising motion sickness while preserving the core aspects of truly enjoyable VR combat. 

Darksword: Battle Eternity is available for Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro now. It is priced at £18.99 GBP. Will you be picking up the game? Let us know in the comments below!