Paint the Town Red VR to be Offered as DLC Add-On

First-person brawler Paint the Town Red was recently revealed a set to receive a VR edition. Coming to PSVR 2, Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR, the game will launch in early 2024. Additionally, we have now learned that owners of the original game will be able to purchase Paint the Town Red VR as a discounted DLC add-on.

Following its 1.0 release in 2021, Paint the Town Red comes to VR in a voxel world made for destruction. Players will obliterate enemies and obstacles in fast-paced melee combat. Take prospective brawlers on a bruising trip through punishing arenas above and below ground. Fight hand-to-hand, or unpack an arsenal of more than 200 weapons. Grab a pool cue, giant ham legs or futuristic firearms and blades.  

Pick a bar fight for the ages in Scenarios mode, exploring different timelines through high octane sandbox arenas. Start scraps in unexpected locations like a rowdy Biker Bar, a Disco, an old Western Saloon, an early ‘90s Prison, and a Pirate Cove. Each with a slew of enemies armed and ready with period accurate weaponry. Fight to the bloody end in the Arena mode, a gauntlet of increasingly difficult waves of combat.

There’s also the Beneath mode; a roguelike dungeon crawling experience where the real monsters come out to play. Infiltrate an underground network infested with undead creatures and unravel spine-tingling mysteries in each procedurally generated run. Solve puzzles, explore caves and ruins, and gain class specific abilities like teleportation and necromancy. Face off against the ultimate evil in the form of four devastating Elder Gods. Choose from one of five classes to customize and upgrade, from the fireball wielding Warlock to the lightning-fast Spectre.

Paint the Town Red VR screenshot

Paint the Town Red VR Discount

“The first-person intuitive gameplay of Paint the Town Red made a VR experience an obvious and natural progression of the game,” said Matthew Carr, South East Games, Co-founder. “Immersion and creativity are at the heart of Paint the Town Red and now the possibilities are massively expanded, offering what we feel is the wildest and most chaotic fun VR experience.”  

The game will launch in early 2024 on Quest 2, SteamVR and PSVR 2. It will be priced at $19.99 USD. However, a discount for existing owners of Paint the Town Red on PlayStation and on SteamVR will see the game launch as a $9.99 add-on DLC. The base version of Paint the Town Red is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, in addition to Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux.

Have you played the original version of Paint the Town Red? Are you excited for the game coming to VR? Let us know in the comments below!