X8 Updates Incoming

Thirdverse, Inc., has announced significant updates to X8, a VR multiplayer hero shooter game. Following the X8 launch for Meta Quest and SteamVR headsets last month, new feature are to be implemented as X8 continues to engage players and define the hero shooter for VR.

Since its debut, X8 has received a positive response from the gaming community. In just one week, players engaged in over 27,000 matches, completing an astonishing 327,000 rounds of intense gameplay. Impressively, 3,703 bombs have been defused, demonstrating the skill and dedication of X8‘s dedicated player base. Notably, the top three most frequently chosen heroes in this period were Sarai, Jaguar, and Vesper.
To enhance the X8 experience even further, Thirdverse has introduced a range of new updates.

X8 screenshot

X8 Updates

  • New Indicator above Bomb Sites: A visual indicator has been added to highlight bomb sites, aiding players in navigation and strategic decision-making.
  • Ghosting Removal from Purgatory: The issue of ghosting has been addressed, ensuring fair and immersive gameplay for all participants.
  • New Buy Phase Wrist Shop: The introduction of the Buy Phase Wrist Shop allows players to conveniently access and purchase items during the buy phase, streamlining the gameplay experience.

In addition to these feature updates, Thirdverse is working on various improvements and fixes to refine the gameplay experience. The ultimates purchase issue has reportedly been resolved, enhancing the overall balance of the game.

Furthermore, weapon and item providers have been reworked to prioritise player comfort. For example, Jaguar’s turret mechanics have been improved for a more satisfying gameplay experience. Numerous other updates, including party fixes, improved weapon accuracy stats, aim down sights fixes, and abilities rebalancing, have been implemented to ensure X8 remains an exciting and well-polished game.

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