Ashen Arrows Launched onto Steam Early Access

Independent development studio Rusty Pipes Games has announced the launch of Ashen Arrows. Available via Steam Early Access today, Ashen Arrows is compatible with all SteamVR headsets.

Ashen Arrows is a game that immerses players in a VR adventure. They embody the role of an archer entrusted with defending their base against relentless enemies in a roguelike wave-defense experience. Armed with an arsenal of skills, arrows, modifiers, and strategic acumen, players can adopt various approaches, encountering limitless possibilities and formidable challenges at every turn.

Throughout the game, players will delve into a Norse mythology-inspired adventure. Battle huge numbers of enemies and dragons utilising bows, traps, and tactics to defend the base. All the while earning divine favor, enhancing skills, customising banners and appearances.

Ashen Arrows screenshot

Mortals & Gods Collide

The storyline of sees the player as a mere mortal tasked with aiding the Gods. Archers are the lifeblood of civilisation, and personal pride. As a hunter, you have now been given the opportunity to prove yourself amongst a band of legendary archers. Archers who are worthy of challenging not just brigands, fierce warriors or monstrous mythological creatures but even dragons.

You must prove yourself to the gods and receive their blessings and relics to help your way through the adventures. All the while overshadowed by the impending Ragnarök, and a search for the secret of the Ashen Arrow.

Ashen Arrows screenshot

Ashen Arrows on Steam Early Access

The Steam Early Access version of the game includes three maps as part of the Saga, and four different maps for Bastion Mode. The latter of these allows players to join forces in co-op mode.

Ashen Arrows is available now, priced at £14.99 GBP via Steam Early Access. There’s also a free demo available to download.

Does the prospect of Ashen Arrows excite you? Are you interested in trying the demo? Let us know in the comments below!